The Consumer Electronics Show 2021 is still going on, even during the pandemic, virtually this year. We really like the line of antimicrobial and disinfection products from Targus.

The 2Office backpack, which can hold laptops that are up to 17.3 inches, has an antimicrobial coating on key touchpoints. The backpack has room for a laptop and keyboard for anyone going back and forth between the office and home. The trend has changed from hot desking, where multiple employees share a desk and equipment, to clean desking, where an employee removes everything when they leave at the end of the day. The backpack will be released this spring and will retail for $119.99.

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They also are releasing a UV-C LED Disinfection Light this spring. It’s designed to reduce pathogens on device surfaces in the immediate area around the light, such as a keyboard and mouse. It’s designed to sit on a desktop, above a keyboard, and eliminates the need for liquid cleaners.

Targus says it will actively disinfect any item under the light. It runs five minutes every hour, but if any motion is sensed in the area of the product it will not start, and if anyone is in the range of the motion sensors, it will automatically shut off. The light will retail for $299.

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