Doesn’t it seem that rabbits have been exceptionally busy this year. When you try to get them off your lawn or in your garden, they just keep coming back. Even with the best of intentions, rabbits just keep eating away at your beautiful curb appeal. The Tucker Team wants to empathize with you and offer up solutions to help. We did our research and chemicals don’t really work and can be either harmful to animals and even humans. So, let’s try these tactics.

  • Fencing is probably the most effective and humane way to get rid of your rabbits. You can choose to either fence off your entire yard, your garden or even individual plants to keep the rabbits from eating them. You can go with almost any type of fence, but you want to make sure that the fence is buried at least a foot underground with at least a foot above ground. A white picket fence will do the trick or you can try a wire mesh fence if you are on a budget. However, building a fence like this will not do anything for the rabbits already in your yard, so you will want to get rid of those when you build the fence.
  • Trapping is another effective way to get rid of rabbits in your yard. There are both lethal and live traps available at many hardware and garden stores. You can even try calling your local humane society’s office and ask if they can lend you a trap or let you rent it. Bait the trap with an enticing snack and make sure to wash all of your human scent off of it. Rabbits are smart and will know when you are up to something. Make sure to check the traps every day and when you do catch the rabbit relocate it to an area that is at least 10 miles away from your property.

Summary of Step-By-Step Instructions:

1) Purchase large cage traps – rated raccoon size, usually about 10″ x 12″ x 30″ or so.
2) No bait is effective – set traps in areas of high rabbit activity, and bait with fresh vegetables. Make sure traps are scent-free and flush to the ground, line the bottom of the trap with dirt and debris, and set in the shade.
3) Relocate any trapped rabbit at least 5 miles from capture site.
4) If you have rabbit living under a deck, shed, or other structure, install an exclusion barrier – steel mesh around the perimeter, and down at least 12 into the ground, with bottom of mesh sloping outward.

If these tactics work, we’d love to hear from you. Share your experience here or on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Links are on the website or search The Tucker Team at Keller Williams.