We didn’t even know there was a Canadian Reader’s Digest. But, when we saw this story we just had to post it, courtesy of our neighbors up north. Butterball Turkey Company became even more in demand when they opened up the Butterball Turkey Hotline. Where you could be assured that if you were a novice or had trouble cooking your Turkey for Thanksgiving, you’d find a helpful representative on the other end to get you out of a jam.

The Canadian version of Reader’s Digest put together a list of 25 Hilarious Questions that have been phoned in to Butterball. They included:

  • A man wanting to know how to thaw out a frozen turkey from 1969 that he found in his father’s freezer
  • A woman wanting to know how to give her turkey a bikini line
  • A man wanting to know if the oil from the chainsaw he used to cut the turkey in half would affect the bird.
  • A woman who was having a problem because her turkey wouldn’t stop sudsing up after she tried rinsing it with dish soap.
  • A woman who stored her frozen turkey in a snowbank in the yard, only to find it missing the next day
  • A man wanting to know how long it would take to defrost his turkey in the family’s hot tub.